Due to the worldwide pandemic caused by SARS-Cov-2 virus, we report below the protocol adopted by our company regarding safety for the containment and spread of covid-19 virus infection.

1) CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT: Inside the reception office it will be possible to access one at a time and equipped with minimum personal protection devices (gloves and masks), even if it is possible to maintain interpersonal distance. For this reason, guests will be required to send all the necessary information for registration (ID, lease contracts, etc. etc.) and, upon arrival, only one representative of the group or the head of the family will go to the reception office by presenting his/her identification document to verify the identity of the guest, the veracity of the documentation previously sent electronically and complete the the payment by card, check or cash. If possible, all check-in and check-out operations may be also done outside the designated accommodation. In any case during the check-in operations, body temperature, which must not exceed 37.5°C, may be detected. At the end of the operations, the apartment key will be delivered (it will be different from the one in possession of the previous occupant of the apartment and previously sanitized).

2) CLEANING OF THE APARTMENTS: The cleaning staff will carry out their tasks equipped with individual protection devices necessary for the proper performance of their work. The cleaning of the rooms is carried out according to the practice in use at the company, using detergents suitable for the different types of material and in any case mainly containing bleach and/or alcohol. Whenever possible, the simultaneous presence of several cleaners in the same apartment will be avoided. At the end of the previous guest’s stay, the apartment will be sanitized by cleaning and subsequent disinfection, with products that comply with the Covid-19 directives dictated by the Italian Ministry of Health, and then aired. To limit the risks of contagion, in no case cleaning of the apartments will be carried out during the week, and we will remove carpets, curtains and anything else not essential from the apartments that may affect and increase the risks. The dishes provided in the apartment, including those not used by guests, will be washed, disinfected and rinsed using the highest level of precaution, and dried with disposable paper. The material used for cleaning the rooms will always be disposable or treated with a solution suitable for disinfection and sanitization.

3) LINEN: All mattress covers and pillow covers supplied with the apartment will be changed at each guest check-out. The bed linen and towels, including a bath mat, are sent for washing in an industrial laundry that will wash and sanitize each item. The linen provided to guests is prepared in the appropriate bags by the company staff and handled by the staff with the necessary precautions and with gloves and masks. The used linen must be inserted by the guest in a special bag that is supplied and placed in a corner inside the apartment, closed to avoid contact with the collection staff. Clean and used linen will always be separate and will never come in contact.

4) AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS: The outlets and grids of the air conditioning systems are cleaned, with the engine switched off, with microfibre cloths moistened with water and soap or with minimum 75% ethyl alcohol and dried subsequently.


1) The guest is obliged to categorically respect the check-in times in the apartment (after 18:00) and check-out (10:00) to allow the housekeeping staff to perform cleaning and sanitizing the apartment correctly.

2) In any case, to avoid gatherings and risks of contagion, it is forbidden to go in the apartment and/or to stay near it before it has been cleaned and sanitized.

3) The guest is obliged to keep the environment where he/she stays clean by paying particular attention to the kitchen/kitchenette, bathroom and floors, with the use of detergents and equipment that will be supplied; to confer every day the wastes produced in special bins dedicated for unsorted separate collection inside the residence; to air the room several times during the day, at least 15 consecutive minutes, to guarantee the change of air;

4) It is mandatory for the guest, before leaving, to remove rubbish, objects (food, drinks, various containers etc. etc.) and in any case anything else from the apartment;

5) It is mandatory for the guest, at the time of departure, to insert in the appropriate bag that have been supplied (if it is not in possession, please request it in advance at the reception office) all bed linen and towels in stock, used and not, and to close the bag carefully, to avoid any contact from the cleaning staff;

6) It is mandatory for the guest, in case that he/she or a cohabitant manifests symptoms attributable to Covid-19 infection (flu symptoms, hints of fever, cough, etc.), to contact the company reception immediately, so as to be able to promptly alert the local structures in charge of managing this situation or contacting directly to the local structures if one has the telephone numbers dedicated to the emergency service, adopting all the behaviors that for public health reasons should be prescribed, including leaving the apartment immediately, in compliance with the instructions dictated by management and local authorities, for the intuitive purpose of reduce the risks of contagion between guests of the residential complex and staff;

7) For anything not foreseen and mentioned in this vademecum, the Coronavirus Emergency provisions issued by the competent authorities (interpersonal distance, hand washing, use of the mask etc. etc.).

(Per tutto quanto non previsto e menzionato nel presente vademecum, valgono le disposizioni in materia di Emergenza Coronavirus emanate dalle autorità competenti) Questo non sapevo come tradurlo da sola, ma non mi pare abbia senso.

8) Failure to comply even only one of the previous correct behavior required will result in the withholding of the entire security deposit (this year mandatory for everybody) released at the beginning of the stay and before entering in the apartment;

9) These guidelines of the obligations that guests must follow, could be updated, modified or integrated, based on the evolution of the procedures issued by the Government in the evolution phase of the  epidemiological scenario and contagion containment for risk of Covid-19 infection.